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High School Graduates Should Be Required to Pass the Citizenship Test

You’ve probably heard the heartbreaking poll result that only 39% of Americans are “very proud” of our country and the numbers are even worse for young Americans – the AOC generation.

Why? Maybe because our incompetent public schools don’t teach kids about our country.

Last year, only 13% of eighth graders met proficiency standards for U.S. history. Only a fifth of students scored at or above the proficient level in civics, or explaining our government and policy structures. Those are the lowest levels EVER recorded.

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has a smart idea on how to reverse those dismal test scores:

“We should require that every high school senior who graduates from high school should be required to pass the same civics test required of every immigrant who becomes a naturalized citizen in this country. Young people don’t value a country they just inherit. They value a country they have a stake in knowing something about,” he told Fox News last week. “We will have to think outside the standard partisan and identitarian boxes to ask ourselves how our kids’ generation will once again be proud of the greatest country known to mankind that’s the United States of America.”

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