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Bill Maher Tells The “Woke” Left To…Wake Up

Speaking of socialism, HBO’s Bill Maher may be a liberal, but he’s been a beacon of sanity on the “woke” Left.

During last week’s show, Maher compared “woke” speech code censors to Red Guard revolutionaries in Mao’s China and Soviet communists who were ‘trying to reinvent the very nature of human beings.’ Over one million people died during the Cultural Revolution at the hands of the Red Guard.

Maher still says lots of things that anger conservatives but the target of his barbs has clearly shifted to the Left. ‘Let’s get this straight,’ Maher said last year. ‘It’s not me who’s changed, it’s the left. A large contingent has gone mental, and I’m willing to call them out.’

Maher will now have a broader audience. A portion of his HBO show is being aired every weekend on CNN, another small but notable step in that network trying to moderate its own “woke” programming.

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