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How Biden Has Bungled Ukraine From Day One

We are mostly about economics at CTUP, but sometimes national security issues intersect with the functioning of our economy.

If you have time, we urge you to watch this short five-minute video by Newsmax host Tom Basile, which is the best recap of how Biden and his national security/state department team allowed the Ukraine disaster to happen. This fiasco has already cost taxpayers nearly $100 billion.  Nearly every Biden policy  – from shutting down pipelines, to declaring war on American energy, to the embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan, to the feckless initial response to the invasion – has only played into Putin’s hands.  The occupation and destruction of Ukraine is a classic affirmation of the Reagan warning that “weakness is provocative.”

The video linked here affirms what we’ve been saying from the start: the Russian invasion would never have happened in the first place if Trump had still been President.

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