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Blue States Are Where Freedom Is Really “Under Attack”

California’s governor Hair gel – er, Gavin Newsom – has launched a $10 million campaign to attack red states, where he says “freedom is under attack.” His ads tout states like California and Illinois as “freedom states,” because, unlike red state America, they allow abortion on demand; and they allow third-grade children to read books in the library about transgenderism; and they permit just about anyone to vote – without an I.D.

Well, Governor, if blue states are so free and so culturally and economically superior, then why are nearly one million people a year fleeing from them?

And if freedom is the goal, what about freedom for parents to choose schools for their children? The chart below shows states that have educational freedom. None of them are blue states.

What about workers’ freedom not to be forced to join a union? Sorry, nearly every red state has right to work and nearly every blue state has forced unionism.

What about the fundamental freedom to keep your business open, to go to church, or to the store, or to school, or even to just go outside – fundamental rights that were snatched away primarily for a year or more in blue states during Covid? The chart below contrast the blue states and red states on each of these Freedom metrics.

Notice a pattern here?

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