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Biden’s Doubling the Size of the IRS – Ahead of Schedule

It’s tax-filing week – although this year you have until April 18 to get the forms in. You’ll be pleased to learn that Biden is already well on his way to doubling the size of the IRS.

When the Inflation Acceleration Act was moving through Congress, we pointed to a table in the White House’s “American Families Plan Tax Compliance Agenda” that showed that the ten-year, $80 billion plan would add a total of 87,000 new IRS employees. The White House and its media allies went into full spin mode to deny this shocking number.

Now Politico reports: “The IRS aims to employ 105,187 workers by 2025, swelling the agency ranks by nearly 50 percent within three years…”

That’s 500 new IRS employees AHEAD of the hiring pace in the White House plan that got to 87,000 new agents by 2031 – even though that document assumed the plan would start a year earlier. So the hiring pace is a year faster than anticipated – and if that continues it could go higher than 87,000.

Congress has the power of the purse. Republicans have control of the House. It is IMPERATIVE that the house NOT fund this expansion of the most abusive agency of government. To get more revenue, we need more economic growth, not more tax collectors.

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