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Boston Mayor Declares the Entire World Has a Right To Come to U.S.

We’re strongly in favor of an immigration system that allows many more talented and hard-working immigrants to come to the United States. But EVERYONE? In the whole world? With virtually no border enforcement whatsoever? That’s a lot of voters the Democrats are recruiting.

This mindset explains why progressives are demanding President Biden refuse any changes in asylum law to stem the tide of migrants on the Mexican border.

If you think we are exaggerating, listen to Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, who spoke for many on the Left when she declared this week that “Every human being has the legal right to come to the United States and seek asylum or shelter.” Watch her statement for yourself.

As a matter of law, she’s plainly wrong. International law holds that someone must seek asylum in the first safe country visited by the asylum seeker. Moreover, to claim asylum or refugee status they have to document a “well-founded fear of persecution.” Perhaps Mayor Wu is admitting that socialism is a form of mass persecution.

Wu, by the way, is the same mayor who holds a yearly Christmas party that specifically excludes white people in favor of “persons of color.”

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