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Enviro Group Is Training Judges in “Climate Justice”

As if left-wing judges needed any help issuing outlandish global warming rulings, the left is now “training” judges on the effects of climate change. But this program sounds a lot more like indoctrination, not education:

The Washington, D.C.-based Environmental Law Institute (ELI) created the Climate Judiciary Project (CJP) in 2018… the project has crafted 13 curriculum modules and hosted 42 events while more than 1,700 judges have participated in its activities. And multiple judges serve as advisers at CJP, potentially having an impact on its curriculum and modules…

“The only factor that can clearly explain the rising temperatures of the two centuries is the increasing level of atmospheric greenhouse gases, modulated by land cover change and increases in atmospheric aerosols (pollutants) from human activities,” one of the modules states.

Another module is dedicated to discussing “climate justice,” which states that low-income communities have historically been exposed to more environmental harms like “elevated exposure to heat, flooding, vehicular traffic, hazardous materials and pollutants, decaying civic infrastructure, poverty, and crime.”

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