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Republicans in Congress Move To Repeal OSHA Vax Mandate

Congress blocks the routine abuses of the executive branch’s regulatory power far less frequently than it should.

So good news: Indiana Senator Mike Braun and Pennsylvania Rep. Fred Keller have introduced legislation, SJRes29/HJRes65, to overturn and ban the unconstitutional OSHA vaccine mandate.

Braun has all 50 GOP Senators on board. They may be able to force an up-or-down floor vote by December 8.

Keller has 195 House cosponsors, but 17 House Republicans still have not signed on as co-sponsors (listed below).

    • Calvert (CA)
    • Carter (TX)
    • Curtis (UT)
    • Gohmert (TX)
    • Gonzales, Tony (OH)
    • Gosar (AZ)
    • Greene (GA)
    • Herrera Beutler (WA)
    • Katko (NY)
    • Kim (CA)
    • Long (MO)
    • Reed (NY)
    • Rice (SC)
    • Scott, Austin (GA)
    • Upton (MI)
    • Valadao (CA)
    • Walberg (MI)

No House or Senate Democrat has yet signed on.

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