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“Sledge hammer” of Lockdowns Back In Europe

The one universal policy lesson from Covid is that lockdowns do not reduce spread of the virus or deaths. They are mostlyineffectual. No one bothered to tell the Europeans:

Austria officials announced last Friday that the country will begin a full 10-day lockdown, which may be extended to 20 days. Germany may soon follow suit.

Austria’s Health Minister,Wolfgang Mueckstein says: “A lockdown, a relatively tough measure, a sledgehammer, is the only option to reduce the numbers” of infections.  Starting in February it will be mandatory for all citizens to have the COVID vaccination.

The prospect of these draconian restrictions sweeping Europe led to protests all over the continent over the weekend in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland, Austria, and Macedonia.

A recurring theme of the demonstrators is that every ethnic, sexual, and marginal minority in Europe is accorded protections against intolerance. But if you are unvaccinated, you are increasingly treated as An Enemy Of The State.

Europe is increasingly in danger of becoming a Soviet-style health dictatorship.

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