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Britain Continues Its Retreat From Energy Insanity

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has finally woken up to the need for jolting Britain’s economy into action. Just this week, the London Times noted that Poland has grown so rapidly that in six years its people are on track to earn more than Britons. Poles richer than Brits? Time to panic.

Sunak has decided to turn back on the spigots of energy production. He just announced hundreds of new oil and gas drilling permits in an effort to make Britain more energy independent and bring down the current high gas prices. The opposition Labor Party wants to ban new oil and gas licenses, setting up a real debate for next year’s election.

Sunak says his new plan will create jobs, shield people from big cost swings and allow Britain not to rely on foreign dictators for energy. He insists he still supports a plan to go to Net Zero carbon emissions in 2050, but at the same time has also signaled a delay in the planned 2030 ban on new fossil-fuel-powered cars.

“As we transition to Net Zero, it makes no sense not to use the resources that we have got here at home.”

Hey, we have a crazy idea. Why not do that here in America?

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