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Now Bud Light Has To Lay Off Workers

It’s been a miserable year for Bud Light. The backlash against its absurd woke marketing campaigns has dethroned its status as America’s No. 1 beer in favor of the Mexican brand Modelo. More than $20 billion in market cap has been wiped away. Now parent company Anheuser-Busch is laying off 350 employees.

But two firms have reached out to help laid-off Bud workers by finding them jobs in their “network of non-woke businesses.”

RedBalloon, an online job board, and Public Square have sent out a public letter telling Bud workers they will help get their resumes to firms that will not jeopardize their livelihoods by advancing woke ideologies.

“We want to help workers find jobs with companies that value hard-working Americans. The hundreds of employees laid off by Bud Light paid for the poor, woke business decision-making, while the C-suite remains untouched,” RedBalloon’s Isaac Lopez says.

RedBalloon requires that any employer in its database sign a pledge that says it will “not discriminate against my company’s employees’ personal beliefs, nor infringe on their constitutional rights, nor invade their medical privacy.”

Sounds like a winning business model to us.

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