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Buffalo Shooter Linked His Attack To “Extreme Boredom” During Lockdown

The manifesto of the deranged racist Buffalo mass murderer is all over the map, describing his transition from Communism to White Nationalism, embracing environmentalism, diagramming pictures of the many types of evil Jews, and situating himself politically as a “mild-moderate authoritarian left.”

Perhaps it should all be dismissed as the ravings of a mad man, but we couldn’t help being struck with the shooter’s own description of how he was radicalized out of “extreme boredom” about two months into school closures/lockdown:

We’ll never know whether he would have been radicalized anyway in a world in which the policy response to COVID minimized rather than maximizing societal disruption, but the statement in his manifesto underscores the wisdom of the traditional pandemic management imperative to keep society functioning as normally as possible – because any disruption may have unforeseen consequences.

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