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Woke Leader Only Interested In Masks When Cameras Are There

The most “woke” leader in the Western world is Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s 41-year-old Labor Party prime minister. Her response to COVID-19  was to impose a draconian lockdown in an effort to pursue a “zero COVID” policy.

Anyone testing positive was isolated in a government facility, losing their liberty. New Zealand’s High Court eventually ruled that she had violated the country’s bill of rights with its harsh measures barring any entry by citizens into the country. Ahern finally abandoned her policy after the Omicron variant spread quickly through New Zealand.

But her hypocrisy on COVID endures. Last week, Ahern was introduced to maskless people on stage just prior to a government news conference. She then suddenly turned to them and asked them to put on a mask “since it was a public event.” You can see it for yourself in the video below.

Ahern may be one of the worst offenders, but she is one of many lockdown leaders who couldn’t resist violating their own rules while fining and even confining others who wouldn’t comply. Another reason that lockdowns must never be allowed as public policy again.

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