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If you think EVs have been a debacle, wait until you hear about the fiasco with Biden’s electric buses.

The Institute for Energy Research has been investigating what has happened with the $5 billion over five years that Congress authorized to pay for electric buses for schools in districts that could not afford them otherwise.

These funds were supposed to be directed to low-income areas and “school districts in areas most affected by air pollution, and other environmental justice factors.” The districts could receive up to the full cost of 25 buses.

Here’s what IER found. “So far, the EPA has spent $1.84 billion from the fund, on 5,103 electric buses. That averages out to more than $360,000 per bus—3 to 6 times more than diesel buses that cost between $65,000 and $100,000 each.”

According to an investigation by Fox Business:

“Some cities have taken multimillion-dollar losses on inoperable e-buses.”

These are poor cities with failing schools and they are wasting millions of dollars on buses that don’t work?

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