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Bye, Bye Biden?

We don’t normally cover public opinion polls, which are often imperfect snapshots of a constantly shifting electorate. But the recent collapse in President Biden’s approval ratings is astonishing – he is now well below what Donald Trump’s approval rating was at this point in the 2020 campaign.

A new Pew Research poll with a massive sample of 5,203 adults finds that just 33 percent of Americans approve of President Biden’s handling of his job, while 64% disapprove. That’s down five percentage points since January of this year.

We were surprised that even though the economy has gotten better over the last year, on economic issues, Bidenomics isn’t selling. The percentage of respondents who have confidence that Biden “makes good decisions about economic policy” plummeted from 56% at the start of his presidency down to just 36% now.

The share who approve of Biden’s performance is down 5 percentage points since January 2023.  What’s more troubling for Biden is that only 61% of Democrats approve of his job performance, a stunning nine-point drop since January.

This is why we think the Democratic politburo will dump Biden over the side of the ship this coming Spring or Summer and handpick someone else. We hope they don’t.

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