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Now THIS Will Stop Global Warming

This headline caught our attention from last week:

The accounting Big Four powerhouse has signed on to Net Zero lunacy and to stay on target PWC’s bean counters have determined that flying business or first class takes up more space and thus contributes to climate change. We’re not sure we get the logic here, but these are allegedly smart people when it comes to math, so we will take their word for it.

Just the same, we can’t help wondering if this is just a virtue signal PR gambit measure and PwC just trying to save money on travel costs. We hope they get stuck in the middle seats.

This is part of an emerging crusade that you will be hearing more about in the months to come to limit airline travel – particularly overseas flights – in order to save the planet. That’s a fairly ironic endgame – the one-world government globalists don’t want people traveling around the globe.

In a very short time, international air travel will be limited only to people attending global climate change conferences.

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