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Bye, Bye Omarova

Our sources are telling us that Saule Omarova, Biden’s wack-a-doodle-doo nominee to be the Comptroller of the Currency, an agency that in part regulates banks and other financial institutions, will be withdrawn in a matter of days because of a lack of support in the Senate. So far five Democratic senators have joined every Republican in expressed opposition.

Ms. Omarova, a professor at Cornell University sparked controversy over her views that private banks and investment firms should be replaced by government lenders andinvestment “experts.”  She is also a climate change fanatic who has expressed support for bankrupting the oil, gas and coal industries and putting the more than five million workers in these industries out of their jobs.  The Moscow State University grad is not a socialist, she’s a communist.

It speaks volumes about the far out ideological leanings of this administration that a nutcase like this would ever be considered for ANY public office.  We suspect that there must be very high-level people in Biden’s inner circle who actually AGREE with Ms. Omarova’s take on the world.  It also speaks volumes about the Democratic caucus in the senate that some 45 of the 50 haven’t even yet raised an eyebrow of concern with her ideas.

Oh, and another question we’ve been pondering: how in the world does a crackpot like this get a tenured professor track at a major American university like Cornell?  It’s just further evidence of how corrupted and divorced from reality so many of our social institutions have become.

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