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The Government Will Pay You $12,500 If You Buy an Electric Vehicle…And IF it Is Made in a Union Shop

Green energy craziness has perhaps reached its crescendo with an imbecilic provision of the $3 trillion Govzilla bill that offers American families with incomes up to half a million dollars a year a  $7,500 tax credit for buying electric cars. And on top of that, as a wet kiss for the labor union bosses, you get an extra $5,000 credit if the car is made in the U.S. in a union shop.  This means that EV’s made in union-dominated states like Michigan and California will receive a $5,000 head start over cars made in right-to-work red states like Texas and South Carolina.  Unionized GM insisted on this provision and the Michigan delegation stuck it in the bill.

Why doesn’t Congress cut out the General Motors middle man and just write a check from taxpayers to the unions for $5 to $10 billion a year?   This tax carve out actually provides tens of billions of dollars to the two groups that have what might be called joint custody of the Democratic party: unions and the green energy lobby.

We will say it again: this bill isn’t about saving the planet, it is about pay-to-play, or what used to be called GRAFT.

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