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California Democrats Plot To Make It Easier To Raise Taxes

Back in 1978, California voters shook the world with the tax cut heard around the world, when they adopted Proposition 13, which slashed California’s property taxes by 30% and required a two-thirds vote to raise most taxes. It saved the Golden State from tax ruin and paved the way for nearly three decades of wealth and prosperity.

But over the last fifteen years California has found sneaky new ways to continually raise taxes – and it now has the highest income, sales tax, and gas taxes in the country.

Naturally, progressives who dominate the legislature in Sacramento want more. They’re backing Constitutional Amendment 13 (ACA 13) to make it easier to raise local taxes.

Meanwhile, a competing citizen initiative called the Taxpayer Protection Act (TPA), would make it unconstitutional to raise taxes with a simple majority vote.

So the citizens of California will have two competing tax initiatives on the same ballot in 2024. If they choose poorly, California is going, going, gone.

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