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Biden Justice Department Sides With Russia’s Yandex Over America’s Google

We’re often asked if the Biden people are intentionally trying to undermine America, and it is getting harder all the time to say no.

The latest case in point. We pointed out last week that the Biden Administration’s sham lawsuit against Google went to federal court last week. Carl Szabo of NetChoice, who is covering the courtroom arguments day-to-day, reported that the DOJ complained that Google (an American company) is outcompeting Russia’s search engine Yandex in Russia.

What? That’s a bad thing?

Who’s side are they on?

As Szabo notes, “The Biden lawyers have slunk so low they are trying to tear down Google while they defend a search engine that is controlled/censored by Vladimir Putin.”

You can read more of this sordid story here:  here:

If you think we are exaggerating about how Yandex is simply a propaganda tool for Putin, here are two photos of a town in Ukraine that has been bombed continually by the Russian military. The image on the left is from Yandex and the image on the right is from Google.

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