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California Relearns an Iron Law of Economics: Higher Minimum Wage = More Unemployment

Speaking of ways that progressives destroy everything they touch, this headline from USA Today says it all:

How many times does this lesson have to be repeated before liberals catch on? More than 70 percent of Californians eat fast food each week. Starting next Monday, they’ll be paying significantly more as the state’s minimum wage for its 700,000 fast-food workers jumps by a quarter to $20 an hour.

Restaurants are already paring their payrolls of workers. Two big Pizza Hut franchisees have laid off all their in-house delivery workers. El Pollo Loco is automating salsa making. Jack in the Box is wheeling out robots and automated drink dispensers to save on labor.

Fast food was invented in California.  The first McDonald’s opened there, followed by other homegrown chains like Carl’s Jr., Taco Bell, In-N-Out Burger, and Jack in the Box.

It’s not just starter jobs that will be lost. Food will cost even more. With this inflated minimum wage the “dollar menu” is going to turn into the $10 menu.

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