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Millions of Americans Are Fleeing Blue “Progressive” Cities and Moving as Far Away as They Can Get

According to the new Census Bureau metropolitan area population estimates reveal two substantial changes:

Major metropolitan areas (over 1,000,000 population) lost 2 million net domestic migrants to other parts of the nation in just three years (2021-2023). This contrasts sharply with the early 2010s (2011-2013) when major metros gained 352,000 net domestic migrants and the balance of the nation lost 352,000. The urban core counties (which are dominated by the cities) lost 2.6 million net domestic migrants, while the suburbs gained 0.7 million.

All of the 10 largest metropolitan areas but one lost net domestic migrants from their urban core counties (even fast-growing Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Atlanta). Phoenix was the exception, gaining net domestic migrants. The three largest net domestic migration suburban county gains were in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Philadelphia.

The left has transformed our once-great cities into high taxes, anti-business, lousy public services, and soft-on-crime zones. Liberals blame this on racism – except now even the minorities are stampeding out.

Now Biden wants to do for all America what the Dems have done to our cities.

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