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California To Suspend Doctors If They Dare Challenge Science “Consensus”

Speaking of Crazy California, in case you haven’t heard, Gov Newsom just signed a law that would revoke a physician’s medical license for conveying “misinformation” (defined as deviation from expert “consensus”) about COVID-19 and its treatments. Remember, by the way, this comes from the same people who said that the scientific consensus was to shut down schools and businesses to stop the spread of Covid – a catastrophic and wrongheaded decision.

Now even Leana Wen, a former leader of Planned Parenthood and Baltimore’s health czar, warns this law “will have a chilling effect on medical practice.”

She worries that physicians could be suspended or have their licenses revoked “for offering nuanced guidance on a complex issue that is hardly settled by existing science.”

Those accused of “misinformation” would be subject to discipline from the Medical Board of California, 13 of whose 15 members are appointed by none other than Governor Newsom.

The law they must enforce doesn’t designate any objective body to make these determinations. So who decides what transgresses scientific consensus?  And whatever happened to doctor/patient confidentiality?

During COVID both the Centers for Disease Control and Dr. Anthony Fauci sometimes resembled weather vanes as the “scientific consensus” seemed to shift on the pandemic from day to day. Newsom himself began COVID by first insisting that travel restrictions were racist and unnecessary, that masks were superfluous, and that California had the infection under control. If his censorship law had been around, would doctors who disagreed with him have been found been punished for that?

If God forbid, the COVID speech restrictions are upheld by the Courts, the “climate misinformation” bans will follow fast and the First Amendment can be thrown In the dustbin. This is VERY scary stuff the left is imposing on us.

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