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Is California Headed To $8 A Gallon Gasoline?

The latest numbers from AAA for gas prices around the country report that Californians pay $6.29 a gallon for unleaded gas. The national average outside of California is now roughly $3.79 a gallon. This means that California motorists now have the privilege of paying a premium of $2.50 a gallon more for gas than residents in other states.

Yet CA Governor Gavin Newsom tells us that California is an “energy model for the rest of the country.” It is? Has he asked people in Florida, Nebraska, and Maine how they would feel about $6 gas?

We may soon find out. Capital Economics, which specializes in energy forecasting, predicts that the oil price will rise to $100 a barrel in the wake of OPEC production restrictions and this is the equivalent of nearly $6 per gallon at the pump nationwide. If that happens gas prices in California could soon exceed $8 a gallon. But to counter those high prices, Newsom wants to put a “windfall profits tax” on energy companies. Of course, that tax will only make gas in the Golden State even more expensive.

Hooray! Gavin Newsom for President!!

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