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Canada’s New Conservative Leader Takes On Trudeau

Just a week after British conservatives elected tax-cutter Liz Truss as their new leader, 70% of Canadian Conservative party members elected as their leader Pierre Poilievre, whose platform is to make “Canada the freest country on Earth.” (Remember when that was America?) He adds that the “Government’s job should be to constantly find ways to remove itself from obstructing freedoms.”

What a tremendous trade-up it would be if Canadians traded in the bumbling and statist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Poilievre. He is opposed to most lockdowns and vaccine mandates. He also wants to impose a two-term limit on the service of members of Parliament.

Best of all, he says he will defend Canadian sovereignty: “I will ban all my ministers from getting involved in the World Economic Forum, which is run by globalist Klaus Schwab (“The Great Reset.”). He bluntly said: “If any of my ministers want to go to that big, fancy conference of billionaires with the World Economic Forum in Davos… they better make it a one-way ticket because they won’t be back in the Cabinet.”

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