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CDC STILL Wants Kids Vaccinated For COVID – WHY?

Will the litany of CDC errors related to COVID ever end?

The CDC’s own testing shows that 86% of all children in the country had antibodies to COVID (natural immunity) from a previous infection by August of this year. And since not everybody infected develops antibodies, that means well north of 90% of kids have probably already had COVID.

Nonetheless, the CDC’s Advisory Community on Immunization Practices voted 15-0 yesterday to add COVID vaccines – the primary series plus a booster – to the schedule of routine childhood vaccinations. Any health benefit to children is minuscule.


We suspect the issue here is that by doing so the CDC provides liability protection for the manufacturers even though it is doubtful this policy is what is best for children.

We are sympathetic to the case for liability protection. Vaccines are a unique product that can save lives, but they always have some number of adverse events. But Congress should have done its job and extended liability protection to the COVID vaccines that is not contingent on a “national emergency,” rather than rely on the backdoor of dubious addition to the childhood vaccine schedule.

Parents now face the prospect of states, localities, or schools mandating the vaccine based on the CDC schedule. A vaccine most parents of young children have sensibly passed on:

We suspect there are many millions of parents who do not want their kids injected with the vaccine. This creates a political opportunity for gubernatorial, mayoral, city council, and even school board candidates on the ballot this November to come out against vaccine mandates for kids.

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