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Democrats Were For High Gas Prices, Before They Were Against Them

The standard rallying cry from the climate change alarmists is that fossil fuels must be shut down immediately. There is no burden too large to impede this goal. There is no price of gas that is too high if it means saving the planet.

Well, except if an election is coming up. For example, we now know that Biden tried to get the Saudis to jack up oil production until AFTER the November midterm elections. Then gas prices can go up again.

Even the media is in on the gambit. Chris Hayes, an MSNBC show host complained the other day that the Saudis are cutting back oil production and thus getting in the way of Joe Biden’s attempt to make fossil fuels cheaper at the pump – at least until November. “The future of American democracy is in real, existential peril,” Hayes breathlessly warned. “We find ourselves in a situation where keeping gas prices low is key to preserving and strengthening the future of our democracy.”

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