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Blacks Are Leaving Chicago for Greener, and Safer Pastures

After World War 2 Chicago’s population boomed thanks in part to the large migration of black Americans from the South to the Windy City.  Now they are leaving.  Chicago’s black population dropped by about 10% from the 2010 to the 2020 census, driven by crime and a lack of economic opportunity in the city that was once a magnet for upwardly mobile Black families.

“A city that once drew tens of thousands of southern Black residents and once held the nation’s second largest Black population seems to have lost its attraction for Black folks, who continue to leave. Chicago’s Black population dropped to 787,551 in 2020, its lowest total since the mid-1950s,” reports the Chicago Tribune.

Donald Trump had it right when he used to say to minority residents of inner cities: vote for me, what have you got to lose?  So sad.  Democrats are destroying our great cities.

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