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Cuomo Impeachment Investigation Confirms Nursing Home Coverup

The media is mostly focusing on his sexual misconduct, but not to be missed in yesterday’s investigative report from Davis, Polk & Wardell is confirmation of Andrew Cuomo’s involvement in the nursing home deaths coverup that the HOTLINE focused on relentlessly last year.  They barely scratched the surface, we suspect.

Some damning key quotes:

      • “This underreporting was the subject of multiple discussions involving employees of the Executive Chamber, members of the Task Force, and others in April and/or May 2020… when an Executive Chamber employee alerted a Task Force member to the issue, the Task Force member responded by saying something to the effect of, ‘Do you want me to admit that we have been reporting deaths incorrectly?'”
      • “The DOH Report was prepared in late June and early July 2020, and was published on July 6, 2020. As discussed above, the former Governor began discussing a potential book deal with PRH and other book publishers during this same time period… Prior to the issuance of the DOH Report, a draft scientific paper prepared by DOH medical officials had identified approximately 10,000 nursing home-related fatalities…  In late June, members of the Executive Chamber and Task Force convened a call… In an email exchange immediately following that call, a Task Force member expressed the understanding that the approximately 10,000 number was not public and should not be provided.”

In brief: Cuomo knew the nursing home death number New York was reporting was fake (as we reported at the time) and his executive staff repeatedly covered up the real totals.

Amazing that a year and a half ago CNN, MSNBC and Democratic leaders were heralding Cuomo as a great leader and urging this criminal to run for president.

The full report:

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