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Chinese Workers Battle Their Captors

China’s crazed and inhumane lockdown of Shanghai’s 25 million people along with millions of others in many smaller cities is flattening the country’s economy and literally imprisoning people in their own apartments and factories.

Video footage shows hundreds of MacBook Pro workers breaking through COVID barriers intended to keep them inside a Chinese plant. Some can be seen fighting with guards dressed in white protective coveralls.

They look like Darth Vader’s troops in Star Wars.

The plant, owned by Quanta Computer, is operating under strict lockdown rules requiring workers to live sequestered in dormitories next to the factories without the right to enter or leave the facility for a month or more at a time. The footage of unrest was taken when workers on a break were denied permission to return to their dormitories to sleep. Why isn’t the American media covering this brutality?

Meanwhile, Economic Daily reports the plant is only operating at around 30% capacity due to the disruption, and doesn’t expect to achieve better than 50% even when the crisis is past.

Remember when China was a dependable partner in the global supply chain?

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