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Who Turned The Lights Out?

How in the world can America in the year 2022 be running out of electricity??? Are we becoming a third-world country?

Apparently, yes. Here are a couple headlines from recent days in case you missed them: reports: “Grid Operators Warn of Electricity Shortages Amid Switch to Renewables”

And then there is this from the Wall Street Journal:

The WSJ story warns:

“From California to Texas to Indiana, electric grid operators are warning that power-generating capacity is struggling to keep up with demand, a gap that could lead to rolling blackouts this summer.”

We’ve been warning of this for many months. It’s already been happening in leftist California. Millions of Texans lost power during the polar vortex freeze last year because of renewable energy mandates. (How does Texas run out of energy?) The clear villain here is that Democrat lawmakers (and some Republicans) have joined forces with radical greens to force utilities to use the least reliable sources of power: wind and solar. Thousands of people in recent years have died because of brownouts. No one in America has died from climate change.

We hate to say this, but the nation’s electric grid system is no longer entirely safe and reliable. It’s time to get generators folks. Seriously.

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