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Climate Czar John Kerry Has Gone Rogue

Biden’s “climate envoy” has spent millions of taxpayer dollars jetting across the globe to “save the planet”, but he and his 45-member staff’s activities, expenditures, and commitments of taxpayer money are apparently accountable to no one. They are a rogue operation. An investigation by the Boston Herald reports that Kerry attends climate conferences and commits the U.S. to climate treaties and billions of dollars of spending without congressional approval.

Until now.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer is hauling Kerry before his committee today (Thursday) to explain how he can unilaterally sign the U.S. up for pricey climate agreements.

“He was not confirmed by the Senate. He is not held accountable by the American people. He is skirting congressional oversight,” Comer says.

He cites two examples: a $1 billion giveaway that the White House says it will transfer to the UN’s Green Climate Fund to help developing countries address climate change. Kerry also agreed to a separate climate change deal in Egypt last year committing taxpayers to millions more

How is this constitutional? Congress appropriates money, not Biden bureaucrats.

A House Appropriations subcommittee handling the State Department’s budget has just included a ban on funding for any envoys not authorized by Congress or confirmed by the Senate. It’s about time.

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