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Climate Czar John Kerry Is Energy Illiterate

John Kerry, the Biden “climate czar,” is starting to sound more divorced from reality than even Biden himself.

He told PBS this week – and no this is not parody – that Europe is a great energy success story and says the Eurozone is “the lead on the planet.” Hmmm. Let’s see: Europe is sprinting away from green energy because it is so expensive and unreliable and now these nations like Germany find themselves facing soaring consumer energy prices while it has become dangerously dependent on Vladimir Putin’s Russia for oil and natural gas.

Then Kerry came up with a real whopper. “Solar and wind are less expensive than coal, or oil, or gas,” he told PBS. “They just are less expensive.”

This isn’t even close to reality. The chart below from the U.S. government’s Energy Information Administration shows the cost comparisons between wind, solar and other forms of energy. The only way they can compete in today’s environment is with massive, distorting subsidies and by forcing utilities to buy it. John: if renewables are so inexpensive why does the Biden administration need $100 billion to subsidize it?

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