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Climate Panic May Finally Be Post-Peak

Have you noticed that climate change fanatics have become even more strident lately, blaming rising temperatures for everything from fewer fish to drought to earthquakes to higher insurance premiums?

We believe Americans are on to the over-the-top climate hysteria and polls show it.

Take the new Monmouth University poll, which has been surveying Americans for a decade on climate. While over 70 percent of Americans say they accept the existence of climate change, the number who see this as a very serious problem has fallen to 46 percent of respondents. That’s down from 56 percent in 2021. The drop in the perceived importance and urgency of climate change has been most pronounced among younger adults.

Among young people between the ages of 18 and those who see climate change as a very serious problem has fallen to 50 percent, down from 67 percent in 2021.

Climate concerns are also heavily bunched in certain demographic categories. While 77% of all Democrats believe climate change is very serious, only 43% of independents and 13% of Republicans do.

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