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CNN Report Confirms Donald Trump/Operation Warp Speed Saved Three Million Lives

Covid-19 vaccines have saved more than 3 million lives in US, study says

We think this estimate is WAY too high. But anywhere above one million lives saved is a miracle.  This is one of the great life-saving achievements of the last half-century.

Thank you, Donald Trump, right?  And thank God for those heroes in the Trump Admin who made Operation Warp Speed possible. Lest we forget, the naysayers at the CDC, the FDA, the New York Times and on and on, ridiculed Trump for promising to get a vaccine developed in nine months. The “experts” said it would take at least three years.

But WAIT! CNN never mentioned Trump and never mentioned Operation Warp Speed.  Not once. Neither did the authors of the study for the Commonwealth Fund. Has there ever been clearer evidence of the anti-Trump derangement of the media than this?

To not credit Trump would be like trumpeting the polio vaccine and not mentioning Jonas Salk.

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