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Rand Paul: Only Five Senate Republicans Want to Cut Spending!

Two of our heroes came out strongly for strategy of Republicans enforcing the PAYGO budget rules and allowing $130 billion in automatic spending cuts this year.

That’s the good news.  The bad news?  Rand says the last time there was a vote on enforcing PAYGO, he only got four senators on board. just FOUR OUT OF 50!

Instead Republicans want to pass a $1.7 trillion “Omnibus” end of year budget buster – with no cuts at all.

If just 41 of 50 Senate Repubs would vote to simply uphold the budget rules, there would be no way for Pelosi or Schumer or Biden to stop the cuts. These cuts  are less than 1% of all the $4 trillion in spending Biden has secured. We will keep agitating – but right now we are not hopeful.

The GOP senators would rather play Santa with our money.

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