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College Tuition Costs Are America’s Greatest Rip-Off

This is from a statement at a hearing from House Budget Committee Chairman Jodey Arrington of Texas:

According to Consumer Price Index (CPI)’s measure of college tuition and fees, college prices have increased by 1,506 percent since 1978, almost quadruple the increase of overall inflation over the same time.

Since the 1977-78 school year, average tuition has increased from $310 to $3,800 (1,126 percent) at public two-year colleges, from $660 to $10,750 (1,529 percent) at public four-year colleges, and from $2,700 to $38,070 (1,310 percent) at private nonprofit colleges – reinforcing CPI’s generalized data on college tuition and fees.

What’s Higher About “Higher Education” Is the Cost

Instead of forgiving hundreds of billions of student loan debt, why doesn’t Biden do something about THIS scandal?

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