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How to Avoid Investing in ESG

Our landmark report “Putting Politics Ahead of Pensions” released last May, which exposed the rampant leftwing ESG investing by most of the major money management firms continues to have a lasting impact. This year there are far fewer ESG shareholder resolutions -including radical climate change measures and racial and gender quotas for boards and hiring. The money flowing into ESG funds continues to shrink as investors start to see that these funds underperform the stock market.

We’re happy to report that also as a result of our report, there is a new product for investors from Raymond James financial advisor Don Harrison, called Heart of Liberty Portfolios. It was inspired by our report and it steers investors away from ESG proposals and companies. Here is their investment strategy:

The beating heart of liberty is the freedom to choose: how you travel, where you live, how you worship, and – most importantly for those of us at Capitalist Investment Services – the way your investments are managed.  We have created Heart of Liberty Portfolios because we believe that all investors should enjoy the right to have their money managed in accordance with their own values.

To be clear: We are NOT financial market experts, and we are NOT recommending the fund. We are just calling it to your attention as a case study in the continuing backlash triggered by our report. In case you want to check it out, here is a link:

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