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Coming Soon: Preferences In Federal Programs For LGBTQ

This headline from USA Today this past weekend caught our eye:

“LGBTQ-owned small businesses received COVID-19 relief funds at a lower rate than their non-LGBTQ counterparts, even as they were more likely to apply for loans during the pandemic, according to researchers…”

But then there was this zinger of admission later in the story:

“Paycheck Protection Program loan applications included a section where businesses could report being woman-owned, minority-owned, or veteran-owned. But the Small Business Administration, which administered PPP loans, did not include a section “for business owners to distinguish their businesses as LGBTQ-owned.”

Ergo: The SBA didn’t know which businesses had LBGTQ owners.

Hmmm. How could the SBA lending officers be discriminating against LGBTQ loan applications if they didn’t know which applicants were and which were not LGBTQ?

Anyone? Anyone?

Here is our solution to slamming the door shut of federal aid discrimination. Make it a law that prohibits the government from asking about race, ethnicity, or gender preferences on all federal forms or applications. This would ensure that we had a true color- and gender-blind society.

The left wants to go in the opposite direction and ask about sexual categories for loans, college admissions, and government benefits so we can have affirmative action for LGBTQ.

If you don’t believe us, here is a statement from Spencer Watson, Executive Director of one of the leading LGBTQ groups:

“The lack of visibility of queer people really does mean that our concerns are overlooked. It’s time for our government institutions to wake up and realize that they need to support queer communities.”

Are they going to want reparations?

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