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Congratulations Joe Biden: Your Antitrust Regulators Have Grounded an Airline and Thousands of Jobs

We warned that if The Biden trustbusters blocked the merger of JetBlue and Spirit Airlines, Spirit would likely go out of business and their shareholders would get shafted. It sure looks like we were right. The Bidenites killed the merger – even though their combined market share would be less than 10%.

Now Spirit is predictably struggling:

Spirit Airlines is pushing back delivery of Airbus aircraft, prompting pilot furloughs later this year, as the airline looks to boost liquidity following its terminated merger with JetBlue last month…

The Miramar, Fla.-based company also intends to furlough about 260 pilots effective Sept. 1…

Spirit’s financial outlook has come into question over the last year against the backdrop of its terminated merger with JetBlue Airways. The airlines called off the deal after deciding they probably couldn’t overcome legal and regulatory hurdles, weeks after a judge ruled the $3.8 billion deal would reduce competition and harm cost-conscious fliers.

Some analysts have predicted Spirit could file for bankruptcy or liquidate in the coming years.

Who exactly is better off with Spirit potentially failing instead of merging? What in the world was Biden thinking?

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