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European Court Declares “Climate Justice” a “Human Right”

This just in from our “Not a Parody” files:

The European Court of Human Rights has just ruled that the Swiss Government violated the human rights of its citizens by not doing enough to fight climate change.

“It is clear that future generations are likely to bear an increasingly severe burden of the consequences of present failures and omissions to combat climate change,” said Court President Siofra O’Leary.

The verdicts cannot be appealed and come with fines that could force the Swiss to revise their emissions targets.

Climate activists are thrilled.

“The Swiss ruling sets a crucial legally binding precedent serving as a blueprint for how to successfully sue your own government over climate failures,” said Ruth Delbaere, legal campaigns director for the climate activist group Avaaz.

This madness is coming to a city or town near you. Last August, a judge ruled that the state of Montana violated its constitution when it approved fossil fuel projects without taking climate change into account. Our Children’s Trust, the environmental group behind the Montana lawsuit, has filed dozens of similar lawsuits in other states.  Its executive director, Julia Olson, predicts: “More rulings like this will certainly come.”

We’re worried that a parade of leftist Judges in the U.S. will begin legislating “climate justice” from the bench to stop global warming. They’re coming for SUVs and air conditioners folks.

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