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Congress Can Save Tens of Billions by Cancelling Unspent COVID Fund

Hello, Washington. come in, Washington. Covid is over. Stop spending money on it.

There’s as much as $90 billion of unspent money in the $350 billion blue state bailout COVID fund. This was the so-called “American Rescue Plan” that passed with all Democrat votes back three years ago. In any rational world, these Covid funds would be returned to the Treasury given that we face a deficit of $1.7 trillion this year. Biden wants to force Congress to spend it all – mostly on pork projects and giveaways in battleground states like Wisconsin.

He is trying to invoke the legally dubious “Hoarding Rule” issued by the Treasury late last year that removes the deadline for spending the money.

Paul Winfree of EPIC has blown the whistle on this scheme and today in the Senate, Missouri’s Eric Schmitt will try to block the Hoarding Rule.  Schmitt made a great pitch for the bill on X yesterday:

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