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No More Welfare for the Rich

Rather than soak the rich with taxes, why don’t we stop paying government grants, loans, subsidies, and corporate welfare to the rich?

That’s a CTUP proposal to Congress to stop the explosion of government debt spending. Under our “Millionaire Subsidy Elimination Act” proposal, it would be illegal for the government to write a subsidy check to any individual making $1 million or more or any company with revenues of $1 billion or more. This would mean no more taxpayer subsidies to microchip manufacturers and no more payments to millionaire farmers.

This makes much more sense than raising tax rates on the wealthy – and would probably save more money.

It turns out the policy is widely popular. A new poll by Scott Rasmussen asked Americans what they think of this proposal.

It looks like we are on to something here. Welfare for the rich and Aid to Dependent Corporations should be banned.

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