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Congress Can’t Find $40 Billion Of Savings To Pay For Ukraine Bill

We’re disgusted that Republicans in Congress – you know, the party that pretends it stands for fiscal responsibility – will let the $40 billion Ukraine relief bill pass without a SINGLE PENNY of offsetting cuts elsewhere in the $6 trillion federal budget.

Congress can’t find $40 billion in savings? That’s one-quarter of the money stolen from the Unemployment Program. To offset the costs of this bill would require less than a 1.5% cut in all other discretionary programs.  Instead, Democrats and even most Republicans voted to run up spending and debt.

One of the few heroes in this debate has been Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. Sen. Paul is demanding cuts in other spending and also sensibly wants audits of how the Ukraine money is spent. But his brethren said no. Below is a list of where the money will go.

The bill gives $17 million to the USAID, one of the most corrupt government programs in the budget? There are hundreds of millions of dollars for the State Department, including $190 million for the State Department’s “Diplomatic Assistance” program and even millions more for the CDC. Hello, in the wake of the CDC’s incompetence and disastrous policies regarding Covid, the CDC’s budget should be slashed not fattened.

How is any of this extraneous spending helping the Ukraine freedom fighters?


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