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Record Number Of Black Americans Dying Of Drug Overdoses – Where Is Biden?

The media and the White House have obsessed over the horrific murders of 10 black Americans in Buffalo. But what about the tens of thousands of blacks (and whites) who are dying from drug overdoses. As CUP economists Casey Mulligan and Joe Grogan show in today’s WSJ, it used to be that whites were most prone to die from the epidemic of highly addictive drugs like Fentanyl. But now black Americans have the highest death rates. The article shows that death rates were stabilizing under Trump, but now are spiking since Biden came into office.

One way to stop the deaths is to secure the border, but with the bumbling Kamala Harris in charge of that, illegal and dangerous drugs are pouring over the border.

Instead of accusing Republicans of being racists, wouldn’t it be more productive if Biden tried to really save lives with an Operation Warp Speed to solve the drug epidemic?

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