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“Crazy” Carries The Day In Virginia Legislature

You’ve probably heard the news of the absurd policy in 16 public schools in Northern Virginia to NOT notify the families when their kids win a national merit recognition award.

Apparently winning a national merit prize is not to be applauded, but kept top secret because the process is racist, or would make the winners feel superior to the other kids, or some such egalitarian tripe and nonsense.

Virginia parents and students are rightly enraged by the arrogance of the school administrators who unilaterally decided not to alert the families with the good news that their children had achieved a high level of academic excellence.

Now here’s the part where the story gets so much more infuriating. Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin took immediate steps to rectify this outrageous practice and recommended a bill to the State Senate requiring schools to immediately notify the parents and kids of national merit awards.

The Virginia Senate Democratic majority blocked the bill from going forward via a straight party-line committee vote!!

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