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Fox’s Shannon Bream KOs AZ Gov Katie Hobbs On School Choice

Our media person of the month is Shannon Bream, the new host of Fox News Sunday, for exposing Arizona’s Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs’ hypocrisy on school choice.

The background: Hobbs has prioritized scrapping the state’s new universal school voucher program and redirecting the money to failing public schools. Why? Because she is in the hip pocket of the teacher unions. Bream asked her why she wanted to deny parents a real choice in education when she herself went to private school. Bingo!

Hobbs began babbling that private school was her parents’ idea, one she opposed. Sure she did. She claimed her goal is for every kid in the state to go to an excellent public school. Bream asked her what happens to the kids in failing schools. We are still waiting for an answer to that one.

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