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Cuomo Ordered To Return His Wages Of Sin

Relatives of the victims of ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo’s horrendous policy of forcing COVID-19 patients to be accepted by nursing homes are celebrating a ruling by the states Commission on Public Ethics.

It ruled that the $5.1 million in profits reaped by Cuomo from his propagandistic 2020 book recounting his COVID-19 “leadership” in office will have to returned to the state or the book’s publisher. State employees not only wrote late chunks of the book against ethics rules but also used to promote it.

Cuomo has 30 days to forfeit “an amount equal to the compensation paid to him.”

Not surprisingly, the exiled Cuomo has no plans to follow the ethics ruling. His attorney immediately claimed the move was unconstitutional and “should they seek to enforce this action, we’ll see them in court.” One motive for Cuomo to fight the ruling is easy to explain. He’s already spent $1 million of the loot to set up a trust fund for his daughters.

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