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Cut IRS In Half – Don’t Double It

One of our readers cleverly calls the new IRS supersized budget and enforcement agents: the “stop and frisk tax collection policy.” Tax court is arguably the only area of American jurisprudence where you are virtually guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Isn’t it a little annoying when the Democrats pat us on the head and assure us: if you’re not cheating on your taxes, you have nothing to worry about,

We have a MUCH better idea than doubling the budget and auditors at the IRS.

Pass the Steve Forbes Flat Tax. Postcard return. Low rates as a disincentive to cheating. Make it simple and comprehensible. Eliminate special interest care expenses outs – like tax credits for buying pricey electric vehicles.

As CTUP cofounders Steve Forbes and Steve Moore pointed out over the weekend in The New York Post:

Why not do the opposite of what President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats aim to do? Lower rates and eliminate scores of special-interest carve-outs for lobbyists.

The flat-tax plan we have long endorsed (on which one of us ran for president) would solve all these problems: A 17% single rate, and the only deductions would be for yourself, your spouse and your children. A postcard return. Not much to audit. No special-interest giveaways and no favors for the rich to hide their income.

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