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Manchin-Schumer Bill Just Another Blue State Bailout

Where is all this green energy money – more than $300 billion in tax dollars for climate change – going to end up?

Surprise, surprise. It will be pipelined into blue states that have “invested” in the uneconomical wind and solar farms and require their local utilities to purchase as much as half of their power from unreliable green energy sources. These are also the states where most electric vehicles are sold, so blue staters will get the Tesla tax credits.

The chart below from E&E News shows that virtually all of the green energy states are run by Democrats – with Texas, which generates a lot of wind energy – one of the few exceptions.

It’s curious isn’t it, that all of Biden’s policies are payoffs to blue state pols and voters?

“Extensions of wind and solar tax incentives in the federal legislation could further politically divide states that have welcomed renewable energy sources and states that have put up roadblocks.” (E&E News)

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